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Family Home Aquaponics System

These photographs show the set up of a new 900 litre backyard aquaponics system at a small apartment near Tokyo.

Space was really limited with only 2m x 3m available to install the system.  Despite these limitations we were able to install a system that will be extremely productive for the small family that now own it!

This family were concerned about the quality and expense of food from the supermarkets, and so wanted to grow completely chemical-free produce for their own table.  This was especially imporant because they have a young child at home.

This aquaponic system is made from an extremely high quality 900 litre fish tank, and a 500 litre purpose built aquaponics grow bed that have been imported exclusively by Japan Aquaponics.

The grow bed is initially filled with lava rock (karuishi in Japanese) which is lightweight and porous, providing excellent water retention and wicking, as well as a huge surface area for the beneficial bacteria to colonise.

This has then been topped off with hydroton, which has similar properties to lava stone but its rounded shape makes it especially easy to work with and to plant into.

We have used a high quality 2000 litre pump, and in this system we have installed a bell siphon to flood and drain the growbed.  Goldfish are being used to power the system!